Unity of The Elements

Unity of the Elements

The Unity of the Elements is not a particular monster-- it is a clash of elementals mixing themselves with others to form more types of elementals from the basic four.

Physical Description Edit

The Unity of the Elements takes its form from the four different elementals to mix and match them into different types of creatures, some more bizarre than the last. This unity can create a virtually endless array of elementals. Nevertheless, the Unity of the Elements is not a single entity alone-- it is the presence of many that makes the unity possible.

Origin Edit

The origin of the Unity of the Elements establishes its foothold onto the concept of foreshadowing an Elemental Chaos, where the Unity of the Elements can act freely and without restraint. The Unity of the Elements was a concept designed by the Elemental Guardians and Schi'vya.

Stats Edit

Such monsters can be found in the Monster Manuals I and II

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