Troinats are an insectoid race, created by the god of insects, Siliis.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Troinats have multilayered eyes, and possess two sets of arms. They are bipeds, and herbivores. The Troinats have males and females but there is no noticable difference between the two, though a troinat will be able to tell easily.

Mark of CaltabactosEdit

Around 1/1000 troinats are born with the Mark of Caltabactos, manifesting as a shaky, golden infinity sign on one of their arms. This mark only manifests in males for whatever reason, and does not seems to be genetically passed down. This mark gives the troinat an ability beyond their race's regular capabilities. This could be impossible strength for their body size, exceptional speed, or even incredible eyesight that can see small spiders on a tree a mile away.

If this is used in a game, the details should be worked out with a DM. In a 3rd edition game, this would most likely cause a level adjustment. In 4th edition, this should either be avoided, or have no tangible effect (for example, you could have trained perception, skill focus in it, and high wisdom, and say the Mark gives you exceptional awareness).

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