The Sun and the Moon are a single artifact created by Harkon Armal when he first entered the Warped World plane, in order to provide light by which he could see.(572)


The Sun is named Sol, and it is a giant Light-lure Jellyfish invested with divine energy. It slowly makes its way across the heavens, giving light to the world below.

The Moon is named Mani, and it is giant Shadow-Eater Jellyfish also invested with divine energy. It chases after Sol, attempting to feed on its light. As it draws nearer to Sol it becomes fat with the light is consumes, slowing down and giving off its own, silvery light. This also illuminates the world below. However, over time Mani becomes thin again and ceases to produce light. This allows it to move faster, as so once again it gains on Sol, becoming fat with light again, and starting the cycle over.

Current LocationEdit

Sol and Mani are high above the mortal world, caught up in an eternal chase producing day and night.


Being fundamental to the world and of great size, Sol and Mani cannot be used by mortals and therefore have no Artifact stats.

Divine PowersEdit

Together, Sol and Mani provide 1PP per turn to Harkon under the Genesis keyword (used for Spawn, Mold, and Shape actions).