The Shallows is a raised dais of stone covered by shallow water in an otherwise deep part of the ocean. It is covered in coral forests.


The Shallows jut out from the deeper waters, extending up many miles from the dark depths before it levels out all at once. In anything but the low gravity environment of the ocean, it would no doubt crack somewhere along its length and topple over, but it is secure enough in the sea. As its name suggests it is quite shallow, at least compare to the sea at large, enough so one could float on the top of it, look down, and see the bottom of the Shallows, assuming you could see past the coral trees.

The Coral Forest covers most of the Shallows, some of the 'trees' extending so far up that it threatens ships that try to float over them. Though the Shallows themselves are perfectly flat, much of the coral forms different levels, hills and the like within them, coral acting as both 'rocks' and 'trees' in the environment.


The Shallows comprise mostly of Coral Forests. Aside from what is described above, the Coral Forests are extremely colorful, so much so that most would be disoriented or jarred by an extended stay within them. Aside from their large size however, the coral in the Coral Forest has the same texture, life span, vulnerabilities, and mating habits as conventional coral. They are however a lot harder than ordinary coral, making bleaching or collapsing 'branches' a rarity.


None at this time


None at this time


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Nearby LocationsEdit

The Shallows is located somewhat east or Orja-Rek ((sp?? not in the wiki..)) placing it as its closest neighbor of any importance. Their are some swamp islands closer to the Shallows than the main island however.


The Mother created the Shallows in an attempt to create a new environment the gods could work together to populate, rather like how the gods worked together to populate the swamp islands. So far, her intentions have not been met.

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