God Information
Name The Seven
Player Sinasilver
Greater Domain --
Moderate Domain Moon, Pestilence, Animals
Lesser Domain Fear, Sleep, Pleasure, Runes
Appearance A massive swarm of assorted insects with the capacity to coalesce into seven distinct figures.
Holy Symbol The Sevens Symbol
Plane of Origin Post-Warp
Spawn of Hirudi

The Seven are the 26th Lord of Creation


Born of the same anomaly as Hirudi, only a moment later, The Seven are an independent entity from their sibling. By the time The Seven entered the world, Itja-Rek had already found Hirudi and was attempting to interact with the god. The Seven, unable to properly communicate on it's own at the time, utilized the bugs of the Mushroom Forest in order to crudely imitate Itja-Rek, thus initiating a crude relationship.

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