Stormbridge Colosseum

Stormbridge Colosseum

The Stormbridge Colosseum was created by Schi'vya as a place of both creation and for recreation (Hence the Stormcloud Games).


The Stormbridge Colosseum is a massive bowl of rock with intricately carved tunnels that wraps around the interior of the colosseum. There are small shelters carved into the rock for visitors to stay for a short time, and also allows for a small nation to be formed. There are many smaller boulders that float alongside the colosseum, that are connected by plant roots to other rocks or to the colosseum itself. This allows for a defense network or landing zones for distant travellers.


Before Warp: The colosseum hovers above a small patch of forest where a meadow used to reside. The colosseum is surrounded by smaller boulders of ranging size and shape.

After Warp: The colosseum now hovers above a large body of water within the Astral Winds.


Air Elementals, Thunderhawks, and Stormbirds have inhabited the colosseum.


Stormbirds and Thunderhawks make their nesting sites on the small rocks outside of the colosseum.


Stormbridge Colosseum - Tunnels

Tunnel Overlay

The tunnels and shelters carved within the colosseum acts as a miniature metropolis for a few small nations-- add the floating rocks to the equation, and you have a bigger metropolis.

Nearby LocationsEdit

Before Warp: The Stormbridge Colosseum is located near the Triskelion, the Pillar of Creation, and the Waltzing Mountains.

After Warp: The Stormbridge Colosseum is located within the Astral Winds, which resides within a portion of the Astral Sea.


Stormbirds, Elementals, and Thunderbirds thrive in this community of rocks. The colosseum has been moved into the New World, and now has been moved again into the Astral Winds lesser plane.

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