The Soulshard nation is a group dedicated to diverting the Fire Elementals from taking hold of the gateway to the Other World (Astral Sea).


The Soulshard nation is located on the far end of the Triskelion, where the Eradat Tribe resides. It is a Level 4 Nation.


So far, the Virago Eladrin of the Thunderwaltz tribe and the Air Elementals of the Eradat tribe have joined forces to stop the threat of the Fire Elementals.

Important SettlementsEdit

The nation resides where the Eradat tribe used to reside. Now, the settlement has turned into a larger, more civilized village, under the guidance of two village elders.


The Eladrin and Elementals live in harmony and uniform with each other, while repelling the oncoming threat of the Fire Elementals. The nation is led by two elders, who were once leaders of their own tribes.


The Soulshard tribe worships both Schi'vya (Elementals) and Syreene | Sonnet (Eladrin), but both races live in uniform without worry of their divine meddling.


The Soulshard nation consists of Air Elementals, Earth Elementals, Fire Elementals (Converted), Water Elementals, and the Virago Eladrin.


No Organizations founded


See Air Elementals and Eladrin

PP InvestedEdit

2pp: Guide Nation -- The Soulshard nation is born.

1pp: Nourish Nation -- The Fire elementals have become a part of the Soulshard nation as guardians and heavy lifters for large construction jobs.

1pp: Nourish Nation -- The members of the nation have become more numerous, resulting in the nation becoming a town-like Fortress.

1pp: Nourish Nation -- The Water and Earth Elementals start to join the nation, progressing into a larger Fortress.

1pp: Nourish Nation -- The recent attacks upon a small camp has hastened the defenses of the nation, making them stronger and more secure than ever. The Wandering Elements splits off in an attempt to find adventure and to explore the world beyond the Triskelion.

1pp: Nourish Nation (Specialization) -- The populace learn to adapt to their native elements, creating a sort of synergy between themselves and with their patron deity(ies). Thus, they have been dubbed as Paladins, warriors of the divine.

1pp: Nourish Nation -- The nation thrives even more, as they strengthen their numbers for future attacks.

1pp: Nourish Nation (Specialization) -- Hunters gather food more efficiently by using the natural environment to their advantage. They are the bow & arrow of the nation, and have been dubbed as Rangers, hunters of the wild.