The Skimmers are a versatile organic metal race created by Aaviz during a fit of bored after watching Trilobites.


Appearing as large insects, perhaps a giant bee of some type, from a distance, closer inspection of a skimmer reveals it's extremely unusual wings, of which is has three sets of four, one each controlling altitude, direction, and speed. This unique set-up of the wings allows the skimmer t function normally even underwater where other flying creatures might be hampered. While in

A young skimmer

a full flight, these wings beat with such speed that is produces an extremely distinct humming sound and renders the wings nearly invisible. With sharp claws and a powerful stinger, there are few defenses that a skimmer can't tear apart or sting through.


Skimmers have no real history, having ben brought into creation out of an act of boredom, and acting largely just to multiply their numbers.

Society and BehaviorEdit

Despite their simple desires and activities, skimmers are not unintelligent so much as they are ruthlessly violent by nature..A skimmer swam is typically lead by the largest and most violent skimmer, who holds his position only as long as he can out fight and dominate the rest of the swarm. Any moment of weakness will quickly lead to another skimmer slaying the leader and taking over. Were it not for this naturally violent tendencies (which tend to get them killed often), they would likely overpopulate and overwhelm others races rapidly.

As is, the average skimmer is reasonably intelligent, but will frequently let it's violent urges overwhelm its common sense.

Sample MonsterEdit

(Coming some other time)