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God Information
Name Rampart
Player Auralynx
Greater Domain Order
Moderate Domain Civilization, Justice
Lesser Domain Architecture, History, Vigilance, Pride
Appearance A weatherbeaten and callused human male.
Holy Symbol A stylized white tower on a black background.
Plane of Origin The Warped World.

Rampart is the 21st Lord of Creation


Rampart was Ascended as a consequence of the Blood Pact between Harkon, Itja'Rek, and The Mother after their arrival within the Warped World. It is likely that a significant portion of his identity comes from one of Itja'Rek's original soul components, one of the architects of the Tomb.


Rampart appears as a weatherbeaten and callused middle-aged male of the viewer's race, human to other deities. He walks with a stoop after what would appear to be a lifetime of hard work. Rampart's symbol is a stylized white tower on a black background.

Power PointsEdit

4 pp / week.

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