And so it was that the great AaazzZ sought out the power deep within himself, releasing it into the oceans where it brought forth dry land.

Power Points (PPs) are the way in which players actuate their will on the world. PPs are gained on a weekly basis, at reset (which occurs on Sundays). When a player first joins the game they receive 7pp, but after that they gain an additional 4 PP a week. However, as the complexity of the world increases, players will see the amount of PP they receive each week increase as well. This is to help compensate for the increasing number of items competing for their attention. Gods have a storage cap of one and a half week’s worth of PP, after which additional earned PP is lost. Gods/players do not begin to accumulate PP until they are at least 1 week old.

As noted, as the game progresses gods will receive more PP at reset. However, new players, as well as inactive players who are return to the game, start by receiving only 4pp at reset; they will receive 1 additional PP/week for every two weeks they play until they are at the same level as everyone else. This is to allow them time to become acclimatized to the game and/or resume their old connections.

PP can be thought of as an abstraction of your god’s power and the differing costs of actions that require PP help to demonstrate how some feats are larger or further-reaching than others. Its primary purposes are to prevent too much from happening in a short period of time, overwhelming the ability of other gods to respond to the events, and to provide a balance between different players. This balancing between large, world-shaking actions and smaller actions allows for a richly designed world.

Types of ActionsEdit

The Sculptor looked out over creation. There was so much that could be done. What should happen next?

The keywords associated with actions that one can spend PP on are as follows:

  • Create: Used to create non-living tangible things, such as artifacts or planes.
  • Mold: Used in actions that create or modify landforms.
  • Shape: Used to create intelligent populations capable of worshiping a god. They automatically worship you, their creator.
  • Nourish: A wide ranging keyword, used to increase the prosperity of a group or the amount of something.
  • Guide: used to instruct a populace or nation in some way.
  • Teach" teaches a certain nation, populace, or group a tech or tech specialization.
  • Attack: Used both for divine and mortal combat.
  • Spawn: Used to create simpler beasts incapable of worship such as deer or monstrous centipedes.
  • Ascend: Used to bring new gods, exarchs and avatars into existence.

Here is a complete list and some examples.

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