Paraspiders are large spiders with a powerful venom created by Caltabactos

Physical DescriptionEdit

Paraspiders are about 4 feet across, and 2 feet tall. Unlike most spiders, they glow a bright red color, and have large and visible fangs. Their 8 legs each have spikes on them, but this is more stylic than functional. These measurements are for the female spiders. Male paraspiders are about half as large, have a brown coloring, and have comparatively smaller fangs. Paraspider eggs are aroung the size of a mouse, and glow red, regardless whether it will bear a male or female.


Dobbits are the choice meal of a paraspider, but they are known to eat Orionids at times. If it is absolutely necesary, a paraspider will eat her mate or children in order to survive.


The venom of a paraspider is exceptionally dangerous. It has a mind-altering effect that eventually causes the victim to slowly lose its mind, until it becomes incapacitated. While incapacitated, it glows red, marking it as future food for paraspiders. This is necesary, because paraspiders lack the fangs and mandibles necesary for consuming live prey. This venom can be milked from the spiders to be used against others. It is, however, generally less effective against races with sufficient mental abilities, and will only slow down their mental processes.

Statistics (3.5) - Injury, DC 15 - Primary Damage: 1d4 Int, Secondary Damage: 1d4 Int. Special: Secondary Damage is rolled 2 hours after primary damage rather than the usual one minute.

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