God Information
Name Ordek
Greater Domain Fate
Moderate Domain War, Violence
Lesser Domain Victory, Swamps, Vengeance
Appearance In his natural form, Ordek appears as a shape-able ball of pale, almost ghostly light.
Holy Symbol A single flame surrounded by a black background
Plane of Origin Culthet

Background and AppearanceEdit

When the universe was formed, there was an initial violent thought. From this thought, Ordek was created. Representing violence and the swamps he makes his home, Ordek believes that violence is the best thing ever and will do anything to cause it. He does not take sides in any conflict; rather, he simply instigates it and either watches or participates while secretly serving both sides. He also is the patron of Fate, especially when applied to war, and views himself as an instrument of fate in any conflict.

Ordek's light can be shaped into whatever shape he wills it to be. The light itself is pale and does not generally cast much illumination. Ordek can also manifest himself in a humanoid shape which appears as a robed figure with a hat and walking stick, almost like a normal traveler. Almost, save for the fact that he is missing one eye and his only remaining eye is pale, looking almost exactly the same as his true form.