Wherever chaos exists, it shall be ordained. Wherever madness lurks, it shall be ordained. We are the leaders of ordinance, and we shall keep that promise.


The Ordained Chaos is a nation which inhabits much of the Elemental Chaos. It is a place where the Unity of the Elements can once again function without the need to find a better sanctuary. The Ordained Chas does not have a set location within the chaos-- it is a spread out community. As such, they can choose to work together or to venture out individually.


The Ordained Chaos was created for the sole purpose of finding a permanent location where the elementals can settle undisturbed.

Important SettlementsEdit

The Ordained Chaos resides within just about all parts of the Elemental Chaos.


The elementals do not act as one, but they do act together when the need arises. Mostly, their society is separated by many small groups-- some larger than others.


The Ordained Chaos is watched over by Schi'vya and the Elemental Serpents.


Air Elementals, Earth Elementals, Fire Elementals, Water Elementals, and the Unity of the Elements


(No organizations)


(No specific techs)

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