Naldern is the defender of the Windwaker nation, and the seer of protection. He is the one who will lead the nation to far-away lands and to deal with threats before they become ever-growing problems for the nation.

Background Edit

Naldern was first chosen as the clan leader, but then another elder stepped up-- a wise elder who was Naldern's grandfather. He decided to become the leader's guardian. When he realized the ptential problems of having ground-based settlements, he chose to become a devoted guardian to the people of the nation. From then on, he became the defender of the Windwakers-- captain of the guard.

Description and Personality Edit

Naldern is an astute and lively character, with an aspiration to individual security. He knew that everything wasn't going to end as a 'happily ever after' moment, so he devoted his time to become the protector of the nation. It takes serious dedication and patience to become a devoted defender, but he has all the skills and experience necessary, and then some. He is an aspiring warrior and a kind spirit, and his smiles brings happiness to everyone.

Abilities Edit

As a defender, he has devoted much of his time to train himself to use the forces of wind to his advantage. He has learned of several powers to use against his foes if ever the needs arise.

Wind Shield: A strong gust of wind encircles his hands, slowing projectiles to a standstill and rejecting melee weapons from hitting him.

Windgust Arc: Naldern slashes his blade acrossthe air, sending a huge arc of gale-force winds careening towards his enemies-- tossing them backwards and away from him.

Winds of the Severed Ages: Naldern can turn himself into a whirling cloud of twisting winds and can move anywhere around the battlefield. This ability is mainly used to escape from cornerings and not so much for tactical positioning.

Windblast Zone: Naldern slams his weapon into the ground, causing a huge wave of wind to fan out in all directions, forcing his enemies away from him.

Stats Edit

(Naldern Stats pending...)

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