Mouthers were created by Harkon Armal, when he formed a mouth for himself to speak through. (422)

Mouther EggEdit


Mouther Egg

A Mouther Egg

A red pulsating sack covered in veins. An tube-like opening extends from the top of it and points in your direction, yellow bile driping from its rim.

Stat BlockEdit

Mouther Egg Level 1 Artillery

Small Aberrant Beast XP 100

Initiative: +3 Senses: Perception -5

HP: 18, Bloodied: 9

AC: 13, Fortitude: 14, Reflex: 16, Will: 10

Speed: 1


Spit (Standard, At-Will)

Ranged 6, +8 vs Ac, 1d8+3 damage

Thump (Standard, At-Will)

Melee, +8 vs Ac, 1d6+3 damage

Acid Stream (Standard, Encounter) * Acid

Target: All creatures in a straight line of sight, up to 6 squares

Range 6, +4 vs Fort, 1d10+3 Acid Damage


Alignment: Unaligned, Languages: --

Skills: --

Str: 10 (+0) Dex: 16 (+3) Wis: 1 (-5)

Con: 13 (+1) Int: 1 (-5) Cha: 5 (-3)


Eggs are slow moving and as such rely on Mouther Adults to protect them while they lob stomich acid on their attackers. However, eggs are themselves not aggressive and will only attack when they perceive impending danger.

The egg will weakly thump any opponent that gets too close, but it prefers ranged attacks. It will spit upon any creature that it has a clear line of sight to, but will often spout forth a stream of acid when it is paniced.

Mouther YounglingEdit


Mouther Youngling

A Youngling

A pink, three foot long worm. Veins spider across its rough skin and its jagged bones are clearly visable. The "face" of the creature only a circular orafice lined with several rows of long and sharp teeth.

Stat BlockEdit

Mouther Youngling Level 3 Skirmisher

Medium Aberrant Beast XP 150

Initiative: +5 Senses: Perception +1

HP: 46, Bloodied: 23

AC: 17, Fortitude: 18, Reflex: 17, Will: 15

Speed: 8


Bite (Standard, At-Will) * Acid

Melee, +8 vs Ac, 1d10+3 acid damage.


Alignment: Unaligned, Languages: --

Skills: --

Str: 17 (+4) Dex: 14 (+3) Wis: 10 (+1)

Con: 14 (+3) Int: 6 (-1) Cha: 8 (+0)


Younglings are hatched ravenous. They will often attack anything remotely edible, including other Mouthers (unless other prey is present). As such, they tend to be found alone and must rely on their speed to avoid damage.

When newly hatched, Younglings can be found near others of their kind and the Adults are capable of keeping them in line. When working together, the Younglings will hit and fade with the adults distract their prey.

Mouther AdultEdit


Mouther Adult

A Mouther

This monstrosity has grown to be nearly ten feet in length and it has what appears to be hardened mucus for skin. The thing's mouth is a nearly two-foot wide maw that appears to contain nothing but teeth and bile.

Stat BlockEdit

Mouther Adult Level 5 Brute

Large Aberrant Beast XP 200

Initiative: +4 Senses: Perception +2

HP: 76, Bloodied: 38

AC: 17, Fortitude: 21, Reflex: 19, Will: 17

Speed: 6


Bite (Standard, At-Will) * Acid

Melee, +8 vs Ac, 1d6+4 damage, and mouther makes a secondary attack against the same target.

Secondary Attack: +6 vs Fortitude, 1d8+2 acid damage, and ongoing 5 acid damage (save ends)


Alignment: Unaligned, Languages: --

Skills: --

Str: 18 (+6) Dex: 15 (+4) Wis: 10 (+2)

Con: 16 (+5) Int: 6 (+0) Cha: 8 (+1)


A little bit older, a little bit wiser, but every bit as hungry as Youglings, Adults will attack anything that moves and many things that don't, with the exception of others of their own kind.

Adults rely on their powerful jaws to make quick work of their prey.

Mouther QueenEdit


Mouther Queen

A queen

The large grey worm has curcled up upon itself so that it is impossible to determine its true length. Several flailing limbs protrude extensively from its forsection, each limb ending in grasping pincers. A large orafice sits in the center, awaiting food.

Stat BlockEdit

Mouther Queen Level 8 Lurker (Elite)

Large Aberrant Beast XP 700

Initiative: +13 Senses: Perception +4

HP: 168, Bloodied: 84

AC: 24, Fortitude: 25, Reflex: 27, Will: 20

Saving Throws: +2

Speed: 4

Action Point: 1


Grasp (Standard, at-will)

Ranged 6, +13 vs Ref, 1d8+5 damage

On hit, target must roll a save. If it fails, the target is prone and dragged 1 square towards the Queen.

Whip (Standard, at-will)

Melee, Reach 2, +13 vs AC, 2d6+5 damage

Knock (Immediate Interupt, at-will)

Trigger: When Queen is hit by any ranged attack, it immediately responds by attacking the source of the attack

Ranged 6, +11 vs Ref, 1D8+5

On Hit, target must roll as save. If it fails, the traget is knocked prone.

Drag (Minor, at Will)

Range 6, +11 vs Ref

May only target individuals who are prone. If hit, drags the target 1 square closer to the Queen.

Consume (Standard, Encounter) * Healing

Recharge When First Bloodied

Melee, +11 vs Reflex, 3d10+5

On hit, Queen recovers half the damage dealt.


Alignment: Unaligned, Languages: --

Skills: --

Str: 17 (+7) Dex: 20 (+9) Wis: 10 (+4)

Con: 15 (+6) Int: 8 (+3) Cha: 8 (+3)


Queens always have an Adult or two around them in order to help protect them. They are slower than the rest of their kind, but this is acceptable as other mouthers bring them prey. When prey happens to stumble into their layer, Queens are capable of dragging them in, beating them senseless, and digesting them herself.

Mouther LoreEdit


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