God Information
Name Inimicus
Player Nekros22
Greater Domain Fate
Moderate Domain Strategy, Trickery
Lesser Domain Meditation, Fear, Insight, History
Appearance A very tall, thin humanoid with elongated features. His face is blurry, as are his movements. No distinguishing colors or blemishes arise from the surface of his blurred body.
Holy Symbol None
Plane of Origin The Warped World
Arca Nox
Arx Inimicus

Inimicus is the 24th Lord of Creation.


Birthed from the goddess Shi'vya, Inimicus is the god of Fate. It believes that only through suffering and hardship can true worthiness be won. Inimicus embodies the tenets of fate; it is cold, calculating, and plays no favorites. It is responsible for the creation of Arca Nox and the Kruthiks, as well as Arx Inimicus.


Power PointsEdit

Pool: 6 Max. Current: 6

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