Hook Horrors are chitinous, odd looking creatures with hooks for arms. They excel at ambushing foes, and can hunt in total darkness thanks to their echolocation.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Physically, Hook Horrors appear unchanged as they are in the Monster Manual.


Hook Horrors live in the swamp islands of Cuthlet, though on a strange day they could be found elsewhere. In the swamps however is where the Hook Horror truly shines, as they are perfectly adapted to living in the swamp. They can use their hooks and beaks to dig through the mud for covered up plant life, and bury themselves in the stuff to ambush prey. Their echolocation is designed to work even through a viscous surface, meaning they can easily tell when prey approaches. A wary target might tell the presence of a Hook Horror from the gurgle clicking sound their echolocation makes through mud, but often by the time they hear this... it's too late.

Hook Horrors typically live in small parliaments, ruled over by the strongest egg laying female. However, they usually hunt in only small groups of that main pack, as too many Hook Horrors in one place makes their clicking louder, more noticeable, and thus more easily avoidable by unsuspecting prey.


Hook Horrors were laid by the Mother as part of a small competition to make the swamp islands more interesting.


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