A dobbit is a small creature that looks like a rabbit with a flower for a tail. They are quite docile, and are herbivores.


Gigadobbits are the final life stage of a male dobbit. When a male adult reaches around three years of age (making it an older adult), the male dobbit hides inside a burrow with plenty of space, and starts a pseudo-hibernation. At this point, the rest of the dobbit's family gathers plants from the environment, and feeds it to the resting dobbit. This goes on for about a year before the dobbit has reached incredible proportions, and has become a gigadobbit.

Gigadobbits can live for up to 15 years. They are around 8 feet long, and almost as wide, with a foot-long golden horn on their heads. Gigadobbits tend to be wider in their earlier years, and longer, but more narrow in their later years. Other than the size and the horns, gigadobbits look similar to other dobbits. Gigadobbits protect the family from harm, but are unable to mate with female dobbits due to size differences.

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