Fire Elemental 1

Fire Elemental

Fire Elemental | Level 11 Brute

Large Elemental Magical Beast (Fire) | 600 XP

Magma Aura: Aura 1; +15 vs. Fortitude; Targets take 1d10 + 4 plus ongoing 5 Fire damage (save ends).

Initiative: +7 | Senses: Perception +7 ; Low-light Vision

STR- 20 +5 (+10) DEX- 15 +2 (+7) WIS- 14 +2 (+7)
CON- 19 +4 (+9) INT- 10 +0 (+5) CHA- 16 +3 (+8)
Fortitude- +22 Reflex- +19 Will- +20

HP: 139 | Bloodied: 69

AC: 23

Speed: 5 squares

Vulnerable: Ice, Lightning (+5)


Shortsword | Melee: Standard; At-will - Fire

+14 vs. AC; Reach 2; 2d6+ 4 damage, and the target is marked until the end of the Fire Elemental's next turn

Fireball | Ranged; Standard; At-will - Fire

+12 vs. Reflex; Range 10; 2d6+ 5 Fire damage. Secondary Attack: +10 vs. Fortitude; Close burst 2; Targets take ongoing 5 Fire damage (save ends).

Fireforged Armor | Minor; Encounter (Used only when bloodied)

The Fire Elemental gains a +4 bonus to AC when bloodied.

Combat Advantage

The Fire Elemental gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls against any opponent it has combat advantage over.

Fiery Rupture | Free; Encounter - Fire

The Fire Elemental bursts in a fury of flame and searing hot rocks as it is slain. The opponent who had slain the Fire Elemental automatically takes ongoing 10 Fire damage (save ends). +10 vs. Reflex; Area Burst 2; 1d10 + 4 Fire damage.


Alignment: Unaligned | Languages: Common; Primordial

Skills : Athletics +15 ; Arcana +10 ; Dungeoneering +12 ; Endurance +14 ; Intimidate +15

Equipment: Fireforged Shortsword


Fire Elementals are brutal creatures forged from the heart of a volcano. They move with undeterred grace and they stink of chaos and rage. They are malevolent creatures, with hearts of ash and roiling fire.

Tactics: All Fire Elementals love to throw pieces of molten rock at any unwary trespasser or passersby. They make their own weapons and armor, since they are naturally proficient at rocksmithing. All Fire Elementals have an aura of raw heat and flame that protects them and burns any lesser mortal that get too close. They burst in a flurry of fire and molten rock as the last blow is delivered, searing the opponent who had slain the fiery beast greatly.

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