Fire Elemental 1

Fire Elemental

Large mounds of rock and fire, these large dreadnoughts of destruction pose a threat to nearby communities. They are vicious creatures, and not much can stand in their wake of destruction and chaos.


Described as monumental creatures of fire, ash, and rock, Fire Elementals are more r less a threat to samll communities, and a poseable danger to larger communities. They are, in essence, a firestorm waiting to wreak havoc upon anything beautiful, serene, and calm. They are twisted beasts, bent of malevolent destruction. They seem to have no connection at all with the other elements other than fire and earth. As such, Fire Elementals are resourceful, but not at all extremely intelligent.

Their low intelligence comes at a great price-- they have an array of devestating attacks that can level communities, and take down entire forests with a couple of days. They have a hard shell of rock to protect themselves from external attacks to a degree. Weak weapons pose no threat, while stronger, magical weapons pose a serious threat to the elementals, thus forcing them to take drastic measures.

Fire Elemental 2

Normal Fire Elemental

Fire Elemental Dreadnought

Dreadnought Fire Elemental

There are two types of Fire Elementals: The normal elementals that walk near the volcanoes-- the most commonly known ones, and then there are the terrifying Dreadnought Elementals, which are the elementals that storm the lower ends of the mountains.

The Dreadnought Elementals pose a serious threat to communities, because that is what they become when they leave to extreme climate of the volcanoes. They cool down, and create a hardened shell around them, turning them into vicious bulldozers, mowing down anything in their path. Only strong or magical weapons can pierce through their tough armor-- otherwise small village communities don't stand a chance against an onslaught of Dreadnoughts. They never travel alone. If you see Dreadnoughts coming at you... run.


Fire Elementals are the result of the loss of divine balance between Schi'vya and her natural born elements. This has in turn turned her into the Lord of the Four Elements. Her form, over time, will start changing.

Important SettlementsEdit

So far, the Fire Elementals have no Settlements, other than the volcanoes in which they were forged from.


They have not developed a civilized society, and will not do so, until they attain a certain level of knowledge.


Firestorm, Great Dreadnoughts, Fire Lords


PC StatsEdit

Average Height: 4'6" - 7'5"

Average Weight: 250 - 515 pounds

Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution

Size: Large

Speed: 5 squares

Vision: Darkvision

Languages: Common; choice of two others.

Skill Bonuses: +2 Intimidate, +2 Dungeoneering

Special: Fire Elementals cannot wear armor or wield ranged weapons, due to their natural armor bonus described below.

Magma Aura | Fire Elemental Racial Power

The beast is surrounded in a constant, smoldering aura of blazing heat. In either of its form, it poses a deadly threat to others around it if caution is not heeded..

Minor | Encounter - Fire

Aura 1

Targets all within aura

Attack: Constitution vs. Fortitude

Hit: 1d8+ Constitution modifier Fire damage, and targets take ongoing 5 Fire damage (save ends).

(21st level: 2d8+ Constitution modifier Fire damage, plus ongoing 10 Fire damage (save ends))

Fireball | Fire Elemental Racial Power

The massive beast forms a ball of roiling fire and throws it at its enemies, setting nearby opponents on fire from the impact.

Standard | At-will - Fire

Range 10

Attack: Strength vs. Reflex

Hit: 1d6+ Strength modifier Fire damage

Secondary Attack: Constitution vs. Fortitude against all targets within Close Burst 2

Hit: Ongoing 5 Fire Damage (save ends)

Special: This is the Fire Elemental's primary Ranged attack

(11th level: 2d6+ Strength modifier damage; Ongoing 10 Fire damage (save ends); 21st level: 3d6+ Strength modifier damage; Ongoing 15 Fire damage (save ends))

Fireforged Armor | Fire Elemental Racial Power

In almost an instant, the roiling magma hardens into a crusty layer of rock, creating a mobile armor for the beast.

Minor | Daily


Effect: The Fire Elemental gains a +2 Natural Armor Bonus for a full 24 hours, or until it reaches magma, or other points of extreme heat. Momentary flashes of fire do not negate the bonus, thus does not count as points of extreme heat.

(6th level: +3 Natural Armor Bonus; 11th level: +4 Natural Armor Bonus; 16th level: +5 Natural Armor Bonus; 21st level: +6 Natural Armor Bonus; 26th level: +7 Natural Armor Bonus)

Monster StatsEdit

Not only can Fire Elementals become playable characters, they also qualify as a type of Monster.

Fire Elemental

Fire Elemental Rockcaller

Fire Elemental - Rockfire Dreadnought

Uspur Alleghan


Basic TechsEdit

Item Forging: It it easy for them to forge any simple item since they are a part of the mountian's resources.

Weapons Forging: It is easy for them to forge any simple weapons since they are a part of the mountain's available resources.

No specialized techs

Sample MemberEdit

Fire Elementals are threateningly powerful, and will unleash a terrible torrent of fire towards unsuspecting passersby. They are increasingly threatening towards the Air Elementals, for they are the only beings that can be killed by the Fire Elementals.