"A creature looms in the distance-- its fiery gaze upon a single creature. Its madness fueled by the devastation of its home it was meant to guard. A sword of wind and fire is held on its massive hand, and its footsteps shake the earth before it. With each step that it draws near, the air around it becomes more rampant-- the elements seem to be defiled-- filling other elemental creatures with a sense of vitality and in turn making them even more dangerous. It is a titan of the elemental might."

Physical Description Edit

The Elemental Titan is a giant creature that resembles an oversized Earth Elemental with a huge greatsword and various elements flowing around it in a sort of defensive fashion-- creating an elemental chain protecting the creature. Its eyes are filled with a fiery glare as it protects its creator's settlements.

Habitat Edit

The Elemental Titan is best suited for the Elemental Chaos , but it chose to defend the Triskelion from harm of a great threat-- a tyrant known as the Leviathan.

Origin Edit

The Elemental Titan was created by the sudden surge of warning by the Elemental Serpents combined by Schi'vya's rage to create a defender of epic scale.

Stats Edit

Elemental Titan (LoC)

Elemental Titan -- Stat Block

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