The Elemental Sword is a powerful divine artifact, using its own powers and the powers of its owner to construct new worlds and to bring divine souls into existence. This artifact provides Divine PP.

History Edit

Elemental Blade

Elemental Sword (by Xeadin)

Created by Schi'vya and the mere existence of the other artifact, the Blade of the Four Winds, the Elemental Sword is something greater than just a combat weapon. Its powers enable it to breathe divine sentience into the world, and can create other divine artifacts much like its own. Even though it does not give these divine energies to harm other divine beings, the weapon itself could potentially leave others wounded for some time.

Description Edit

The Elemental Sword can be shaped into a variety of different shapes and sizes. Its most prominent form has a hilt made from the earth, with the inside filled with roiling divine fire, which gives the sword its power to create new divine creations. The blade itself is formed by water, with light currents of wind keeping the blade intact.

Abilities Edit

The sword has the ability to control lesser legions of elemental creatures, and could possibly control greater divine beasts. The blade cannot control divine servants, or in that matter gods. Even though it has divine sentience, it does not give it the ability to control all divine creations. However, it can control greater divine creations the blade itself makes. If an exarch was spawned as a result of this weapon, the blade has control over that exarch specifically. The advantage to controlling divine creations from this blade is that the blade can modify the creation as necessary if need be; it does not assume and amount of control over the creation's actions. It only keeps track of where the creation is, and that is a useful instrument to maintaining organization and balance in an ever-changing world.

Effects Edit

The Elemental Sword can ascend or create the following:

  • Ascend God
  • Ascend Exarch
  • Create Lesser or Greater Artifact
  • Create Lesser or Greater Plane

The Elemental Sword cannot Ascend an Avatar, Create a Panteon, or Create a World Artifact. These are effects that are beyond the sword's normal capabilities, and must be modified in order to be able to use all Ascension and Creation effects.

Stats Edit


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