Elemental Fish are the minor incorporations of the elements. They are slightly more intelligent than normal fish.

Physical Description Edit

Elemental fish embodies a striking resmblance to ordinary fish, although their inner workings tell otherwise. Elemental Fish are the embodiments of the elements in a minor scale, and they glow with their radiant cores of there corresponding elements. They all live underwater, but they keep the elements in check within the Astral Winds. They are slighty smarter than ordinary fish.

Habitat Edit

All Elemental Fish live underwater, but they like to live in different parts. Earth Fish live closer to the bottom of the water beds; Fire Fish live close to where the waters are warmer, along with the Air Fish, which prefer to swim near the surface. Water Fish can live just about anywhere, but mostly live in between all the other types.

Origin Edit

They were created from the minds of the Guardians to keep the Astral Winds in check and to find a suitable environment where they won't be disturbed by lurking predators.

Stats Edit

(Monster Stats pending...)

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