Short, stout, and chaotic. It is the nature of such beasts that keeps them going. Anything native of the Elemental Chaos is bound to have tyrannical tendencies. It is the way how most things should be.

Physical Description Edit

Elemental Drakes resemble that of their normal reptilian cousin, except for the fact that Elemental Drakes are the embodiments of the elements, giving them unnatural abilities to unleash the chaos from within themselves. They are merciless hunters, and are always hungry for madness and destruction. They may be weak, but don't take their physical strength for granted. It may be the worst move to make.

Habitat Edit

Elemental Drakes reside within the Elemental Chaos-- in between the safe zones and the chaotic maelstrom itself.

Origin Edit

The Elemental Drakes were created solely for the purpose of creating madness within the Ordained Chaos, keeping the elementals on their toes whenever possible.

Stats Edit

Stats pending...

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