Elemental Chaos
The Elemental Chaos is a ferocious and tyrannical place where malicious flames come to life, water flows without end, great rocks break and form at random, and tumultuous winds carry the hapless further in this chaotic maelstrom of energy. Where the elements combine, it forms the backbone of the plane; the center is where the most rampant part of the chaos resides. Further out, the chaos subsides a little, creating 'safe zones' for other creatures to survive from the harsh and ever-changing environment. Even then, these safe zone don't last for very long, so these creatures have to be on the move constantly.
Elemental Chaos Rift to Astral Sea

Rift between the Chaos and Astral Sea

The elementals call this their true home, and this promotes an opportunity to continue on with the process of the Unity of the Elements. Schi'vya created this plane to provide a more permanent sanctuary for her creations.

The Ordained Chaos is a nation that resides in the plane. They do not have a specific location-- they are more spread out in small colonies. Elemental Drakes have also started to thrive within this plane

Origin and HistoryEdit

The plane's point of origin was in a far region of the Void. The only way in and out of the Elemental Chaos is a point which looks like a star in the blackness of the void. A closer inspection reveals that this 'star' is actually a tunnel, lined with the various elements around it-- flowing in and out, and disappears out into the void and back into the chaos.

Notable FeaturesEdit

One notable feature of this plane is that the chaotic energies all flow in and out from each other-- crashing and bumping, twisting and flowing. It is a never-ending roller coaster. Wherever there is air, there is bound to be turmoil. High winds disrupt the beauty of the magnificently colored plane-- a caustic soup of energy.

"Safe Zones" exist in the outer reaches of the plane, where the plane is much more calm. Even then, these safe zones don't last forever.

Elemental Chaos Safe Zone

Example of a Safe Zone

Special RulesEdit

Elemental Origin: All creatures created in this plane have the Elemental keyword.

Planar Chaos: Creatures that have the Elemental keyword can exist comfortably within the Elemental Chaos without the use of safe zones. In addition, it costs 1PP more to mold land within the Elemental Chaos; land molded without PP spent is treated as a Safe Zone.

Safe Zones: Non-elemental creatures can exist comfortably in specific areas not affected by the plane's erratic energies. These zones are only temporary.

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