Dwelling beneath the luscious canopy of the forest floor, strange, segmented rocks crawl around-- reducing small, green plants into rotting branches. Many view this creature as docile, but after a short while a reduction in important crops have dubbed these strange, rocky creatures as nothing more than annoying pests. The only problem is-- these creatures aren't easy to dispatch or kill in that matter. Their tough, outer shell renders most attacks harmless to the innocent creatures. Not only are they annoying, but they're an unstoppable wave of a natural battle that will test every living creature's skills on defeating these seemingly harmless but ruggedly built creatures.

Physical Description Edit

Earth Chiton

Earth Chiton

Earth Chitons resemble normal sea chitons with one notable feature-- their tough, outer shell. Made purely from hardened stone, these creatures are almost impossibly hard to get rid of, and though they don't attack humanoids, they do defend themselves by giving their predators a nasty bite in defense. They will also roll up in a ball of stone to further defend themselves with.

Habitat Edit

Earth Chitons do not live in the sea. They live in dense forests on the floors where the edible plants are. They will sift through the rotten or rotting leaves for nutrients, and will strip a small sprig of its precious leaves within seconds. A single chiton is a nuisance, but a swarm of chitons is guaranteed trouble.

Origin Edit

Earth Chitons are formed from the minds of the guardians to protect the natural habitat from the harmful forces of civilization by reducing crop numbers and forcing the settlements to move away from important sites, such as the Soulshard Nation.

Stats Edit

Earth Chiton | Level 5 Lurker

Small Natural Beast (Insect) | 200 XP

Initiative: +7 | Senses: Perception +3 ; Tremorsense 5

STR- 14 +2 (+4)

DEX- 12 +1 (+3)

WIS- 13 +1 (+3)

CON- 16 +3 (+5)

INT- 2 -4 (-2)

CHA- 11 +0 (+2)

Fortitude- +17

Reflex- +15

Will- +15

HP: 52 | Bloodied: 26

AC: 19

Speed: 5 squares (Forest crawl)

Resistance 5 all


Bite | Melee: Standard; At-will

+10 vs. AC; 1d10 +4 damage, and the target is marked until the end of the Earth Chiton's next turn.

Threatened Defense | Immediate Interrupt (when hit with a melee attack); At-will

The Earth Chiton gains a +1 bonus to AC after the attack until the end of its next turn. This bonus is not cumulative.

Stone Defense | Minor; Encounter

The Earth Chiton gains a +2 bonus to all defenses, increases its resistance to Resist 10 all, and it cannot move until the end of its next turn.


Alignment : Unaligned | Languages: ---

Skills : Athletics +9 ; Stealth +8


Tactics: Earth Chitons will most likely defend themselves when under attack, and will use Threatened Defense whenever a weapon hits its outer shell. When it gets its chance, the chiton will bite its targets in defense.

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