Despair is an exarch created by Harkon Armal. He is an Arbitration exarch, capable of providing a PP for Attack (mortal), Guide, Teach, and Nourish actions.


Despair is a dense fog, the color of which is akin to that of a bruise. From this haze two sharp points of light shine, like the eyes of a warrior lost in the battle lust. Often the exarch will take a more humanoid form. In those instances he has a humanoid torso from which four arms sprout. Each arm holds a grim trophy, representing one of the woes to mortals. A mound serves for the head in this form, out of which the same two points of light shine.

Origin StoryEdit

After having split himself and discovering that there were consequences to the process, Harkon Armal decided to create a helper, someone who could be the change of the tide, a being capable of destroying those elements of the world that would hamper the flourishing of life and order. Tapping into the memories of the waters of Culthet and Mishway, Harkon examined the echoes of gods long gone. From these he selected one to create anew; this was despair. The exarch is a new creation, merely inspired by the echo.

Tales and LegendsEdit

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Stat BlockEdit

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