Daxos symbol
God Information
Name Daxos
Greater Domain Darkness
Moderate Domain Wilderness, Nightmares
Lesser Domain Fear, Courage, Hunters, Challenges
Appearance Daxos currently appear as a mass of formless "liquid" darkness, the god form is still mutable and undefined, its real and definitive shape is unknown.
Holy Symbol A ring with a black stone, or a black cloud that surrounds white clawmarks.
Plane of Origin Mishway
Dread Shade


Daxos is the "Living Darkness", the incarnation of shadow given life by the faerie goddess of spring, forged from the otherness that begun to spread into Mishway before the Worldwarp, he is the god of everything that is feared and unknown.

After the end of the Worldwarp however, when the gods gained understanding of the new realm created by that event, the otherness receded and Daxos fell into a slumber, turning into a large pool of shadows hidden somewhere in Mishway.

However the god dreams are not peaceful, occasionally he stirs and his mind touches creation, generating nightmares or weird dreams, feeding on a new source of fear, the one of the mortals, whose number has grown during the ages.

PP Edit

4 PP / Week