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This is a list of all gods in WorldWarp, past and present. It includes the name of the god, their player, and their plane of origin (or "post-warp" for those created after that event).

The GodsEdit


Davos -- AngelOfTheNight

The Mother -- AnubisDread

Ordek -- Chapien

Aaviz -- ff6shadow

Karak -- Krika

Umbart the Mighty -- Mathius

Itja-Rek -- Topheh

Harkon Armal -- Thought

Hulna -- wizdude47


Clastron -- Aboleth11 (Resigned)

Djaf -- Aldii

The Monarch Queen -- Aradeia

Grimnit -- Graxith

Poliphas -- Kal_Marshall

Caltabactos -- Mechalibur

Siliis -- Moondoggy

Daxos - Nerdzul

Absalom -- Ritreaude

Syreene | Sonnet -- veok

Schi'vya -- Xeadin

Warped PlaneEdit

Rampart -- Auralynx

Astriluxus -- Joran1313

Inimicus -- Nekros22

Cruias -- Shadowhuntr7

Arknai Thern -- Thomasmill8

Hirudi -- Camu

The Seven - Sinasilver


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