God Information
Name Caltabactos
Greater Domain Change
Moderate Domain Luck, Dreams
Lesser Domain Insanity, Desire, Music, Capriciousness
Appearance Constantly changing, but if humanoid, he is always male with pure white skin.
Holy Symbol An infinity sign, imperfectly drawn.
Plane of Origin Mishway
The Golden Scepter
The Dobbit King
Dobbits, Gigadobbits, Sichons, Eroes, Paraspiders
Golden Oaks
Golden Forest

Caltabactos is the 9th Lord of Creation and the 5th on Mishway.

Background and AppearanceEdit

Caltabactos is an utterly insane god, who may or may not have any motives. While insane, he does not lack intelligence. His plane of origin is Mishway, where he was prematurely born to The Egg Tree

His three favorite forms are:

A 4-digit hand that's gold and spiky. Continuously flexes its fingers, almost in a way that makes it seem like it is plotting something.

A naked man with gleaming violet eyes and long, purple hair carrying a red walking staff. The staff is in a double-helix shape that converges at either end. The man is always grinning as if something is off.

An old man with white hair reaching down to his ankles. He carries a dagger in his left hand, and has billowing black robes have shining white dots like stars. His face is always stoic in this form.


Formed a ring of sharp mountains. There are no spaces in between them, but the inside of the ring is just as flat as the outside. No vegetation is currently on them.


4 PP / Week