A blade with a very powerful divine presence that surrounds it in the form of wind currents.

History Edit

Develpoed by the very winds that Schi'vya had created, this blade had accidentally come into existence. Not knowing about its origins, or how she even managed to make it, Schi'vya may have created a weapon that could do much more than just strike down foes with a swing of its stinging blade.

Description Edit

Blade of the Four Winds

Blade of the Four Winds

A long blade, developed by the very winds that Schi'vya herself controls. The hilt is of a precious, rare gold with four ribbons tied to the bottom of the hilt. The blade itself is made of the finest, lightest, and most durable material. The blade is engraved with a set of runic scriptures-- each one capable of triggering a specific power locked within the blade. The weapon is constantly encased in a swirling current of air.

Abilities Edit

As it is a Combat Artifact, this blade has a set of capabilities that makes it an unusual weapon. The blade has a set of runic scriptures that has a variety of effects. As such, it's primary functins are to attack mortals and immrtal beings, but its hidden powers enable it to do much more.

Effects Edit

There are four different scriptures on the blade, each one set with a completely different effect.


This rune, when triggered, replenishes a small portion of the land around the wielder. This could be a small patch of grass or a small pocket of flowers.


This rune, when triggered, wreaks havoc upon a small portion of land, withering plants to dust, or scaring away weaker animal life.


This rune, when triggered, helps guide mortal souls to jog their train of thoughts, or clouds them with haunting memories of their past.


This rune, when triggered, grants the wielder 1PP towards combat. Can only be used once per week.


As a combat artifact, it is used towards different types of combat- mortal and immortal. However, it has one specific trigger-- its effects can only be triggered by those who knows and studies the runes. This could take up to a day to learn each rune (4 days to master the artifact per untrained wielder). It is not a World Artifact, but can be used by more than one person. It has a special bond with Schi'vya-- if the blade knows that its current user is using it in a way that does not satisfy its uses, the blade will disappear back into Schi'vya's hands, leaving the previous wielder defenseless for some time.

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