Astral Winds

The Astral Winds

The Astral Winds is a Lesser Plane that resides within the Astral Sea. It has been created by Schi'vya to provide a sanctuary for the Stormbridge Colosseum, which currently floats in the plane.

Large mountainous peaks surround a large area full of grasslands, forests, valleys, deep canyons, lakes, rivers, and plateaus. It is constantly breezy within the plane, hence its name. It never gets too stormy, and the same Astral sky can be seen-- stars, clouds, and streaks of silver line the blank, blue yonder.

Origin and HistoryEdit

This plane was created by Schi'vya to provide a sanctuary for the Stormbridge Colosseum.

Notable FeaturesEdit

Lots of large mountains, deep lakes, long rivers, expansive forests, large plateaus, deep canyons (which some rivers flow through), and gigantic grasslands; the perfect place for life to flourish. the colosseum floats over one of the large lakes in the midst of the kandscape. Mountains can be seen all around.

Special RulesEdit

Planar Wind: The plane has a constant wind that enables creatures to fly through the skies.

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