Astral Sea 3

The Astral Sea

The Astral Sea, a Greater Plane full of twinkling stars and flowing clouds of all different colors dance thorugh this seemingly endless space of joy and delight. This plane was created by Schi'vya, to offer her a place to stay and relax whenever she's in dire need of relaxation or to just simply look on into the beyond. A smaller plane of existence-- The Astral Winds-- resides within the Astral Sea.

There are many ways to get into the Astral Sea. One entrace is where the colosseum used to reside before getting moved into the plane; the second is on one of the far ends of the Triskelion. A few other entryways have been scattered about in the seemingly endless Cosmos of the Warped Plane.

Origin and HistoryEdit

This plane has been created by Schi'vya as a place of solitude and relaxation. For now, all gods can enter this plane.

Notable FeaturesEdit

Stars and clouds dominate the entirety of this empty landscape. The world seems an ominous and endless bri
Astral Sea
ght azure with streaks of silver lining the skies above and below.

Planets of all sizes and shapes appear in different places amongst the expanses of the Astral Sea, and rocky walkways assemble to link some of these planets together. A cosmic web of rock and space.

Special RulesEdit

Astral Sea- Diagram

Diagram of the Astral Sea

Open Plane
: Any god can come and make their own planes or mold their own land within the Astral Sea.

Auto Nourish: The first PP Mold action a god makes (2, 4, or more) within the Astral Sea automatically nourishes the land with plant life; after that, the same god who molds more land must nourish the land him/her-self; a god who alters the same land affected by the Auto Nourish cannot be automatically nourished again, so the god must nourish the land him/her-self. 1PP mold actions do not grant the Auto Nourish function; gods who mold land within lesser planes that exist in the Astral Sea does not receive the Auto Nourish, due to the lesser plane's set of its own properties. This is specifically for Mold Land actions, and does not count towards Populaces or Spawns.

One more addition to the Auto Nourish function: Land within the Astral Plane that is free-molded does not receive the free nourish function; however, if a god uses their first Nourish action on a landform that was free-molded, the Auto Nourish function doubles the PP Nourish action's effect. After that, any other PP Nourish action used upon the same landform again affects the landform normally.

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