The Black Fortress, Fate's Keep, The Spire of Evermore.

Arx Inimicus


Arx Inimicus is the physical abode of the god Inimicus. Located at the border between Sairok and Korias, The Black Fortress serves as a testament to the inevitability of hardship and the promise of divination. At the top of this spire lies Arca Nox, the first artifact of Inimicus.


Arx Inimicus is more of a singular location than an environment. The land around it is blasted and cracked from its birth, and time flows oddly within its premises.


No intelligent inhabitants have taken up residence at Arx Inimicus.


Kruthiks, placed there by Inimicus itself. form a veritable army of protectors. Their burrows stretch for miles outside of Arx Inimicus.


The Keep of Fate: The very top of Arx Inimicus, the location of Arca Nox.

Nearby LocationsEdit

Sunshroud Mountains



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