God Information
Name Arknai Thern
Player Thomasmill8
Greater Domain Harmony
Moderate Domain Protection,Monsters(sentient)
Lesser Domain Trade,Cities,Machinery,Harvest
Appearance An old man wearing white robes with golden trim. He carries a tome which contains a list of sentient beings, and can change his appearance to that of any being listed in the tome.
Holy Symbol A closed tome, bound in leather, with an olive branch on the cover.
Plane of Origin The New World (Korias)
The Crossroads

(Arknai Thern) is the 25th Lord of Creation


Born from the chaos of Schi'vya's mind, in order to bring harmony to it.


An old man with white, golden trimmed robes. He carries a leather bound tomed with an olive branch on it.

Power PointsEdit


(4 a week)

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