Air Elemental Warrior | Level 9 Skirmisher

Medium Elemental Humanoid (Air) | 400 XP

Initiative: +8 | Senses: Perception +13 ; Low-light Vision

STR: 16 +3 (+7) DEX: 15 +2 (+6) WIS: 18 +4 (+8)
CON: 16 +3 (+7) INT: 13 +1 (+5) CHA: 17 +3 (+7)
Fortitude: +19 Reflex: +18 Will: +20

HP: 96 | Bloodied: 48

AC: 23

Speed: 6 squares


Longsword | Melee: Standard; At-will

+14 vs. AC; 1d8+ 4 damage

Shortbow | Range: Standard; At-will

+14 vs. AC; Range 25; 1d6+ 4 damage

Dash | Standard; Encounter

The Warrior can move 3 squares in any direction, and make two Longsword attacks against any two opponents, or against one opponent if there is no other within reach.

Skirmish | Standard; Daily

The Warrior can move up to full speed while remaining concealed behind tall grass or heavy brush and can make two Shortbow attacks against any two opponents within range at the end of its movement. Must be able to see its opponents.

Wind Wave | Standard; Encounter (Recharge when bloodied) - Thunder

+10 vs. Reflex; Close Burst 4; 2d8+ 5 Thunder damage, and the target is pushed back 4 squares.

Cloud Shield | Minor; Encounter

The Warrior and one other ally within 5 squares gains a +2 bonus to all defenses until the end of the Warrior's next turn.

Combat Advantage

The Warrior gains a +2 bonus to melee attack rolls against opponents it has combat advantage over.


Alignment: Unaligned | Languages: Common, Primordial

Skills: Acrobatics: +11 ; Arcana +12 ; Endurance +12 ; Insight +13 ; Perception +13 ; Stealth +13

Equipment: Longsword, Shortbow w/ 15 arrows, Soulbark Armor (Hide)


The Air Elemental Warrior is an effective hunter, using its Skirmish power upon unsuspecting prey, such as wild game, or unwary trespassers. They are fearsome fighters, and will sometimes fight to the death.

Tactics: Warriors have an array of different tactics. They use their Skirmish power while hidden in combat to surprise their enemy. Then they charge their enemies from the brush and use Dash to attack the nearest two opponents. They use their Wind Wave power when they are pinned to one corner of the battle to blow a hole for them to escape, and use Cloud Shield only when they direly need it. nce they run out of effective powers, they fight to the death, taking advantage of their opponents as necessary.

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