Greater Air Elemental | Level 16 Elite Soldier

Large Elemental Magical Beast (Air) | 2,800 XP

Initiative: +14 | Senses: Perception +17 ; Low-light Vision

STR: 17 +3 (+11) DEX: 18 +4 (+12) WIS: 18 +4 (+12)
CON: 20 +5 (+13) INT: 13 +1 (+9) CHA: 17 +3 (+11)
Fortitude: +27 Reflex: +26 Will: +23

HP: 352 | Bloodied: 176

AC: 30

Speed: 8 squares

Saving Throws: +2

AP: 1


Wind Whisp | Melee: Standard; At-will - Force

+21 vs. AC; Reach 2; 2d6+ 4 damage

Wind Wave | Standard; Encounter (Recharge- 5,6) - Thunder

+17 vs. Reflex; Close Burst 5; 3d6+ 6 Thunder damage, and the target is pushed back 5 squares.

Great Vortex | Standard; Encounter (Recharge when bloodied) - Thunder

+17 vs. Fortitude; Close burst 3; 3d8+ 4 Thunder damage, and the target is helpless ()

Cloud Shield | Minor; Encounter (Recharge when bloodied)

The Greater Air Elemental gains a +3 bonus to all defenses until the end of its next turn.

Combat Advantage

The Greater Air Elemental deals an additional 1d6 damage with its Wind Whisp melee attack against any opponent it has combat advantage over.

Cloud Burst | Free; Daily - Thunder

The Greater Air Elementals ruptures and bursts forth as it is slain. +17 vs. Reflex; Area burst 4; 4d6 +4 Thunder damage, and the target is dazed (save ends).


Alignment: Unaligned | Languages: Common, Primordial

Skills: Acrobatics +17 ; Arcana +16 ; Endurance +18 ; Insight +17 ; Perception +17 ; Stealth +19


Greater Air Elementals are larger reincarnations of the lesser elementals. They have more control over the air currents, thus they are notoriously known to cause devestation by summoning strong winds in the form of windstorms.

Tactics: Greater Air Elementals like to taunt and halt thier opponent's movements by using an array of attacks. They use Great Vortex whenever a group of opponenet get too close and halt their advance by sucking them into the elemental's spinning form, causing intermittent damage now and then. They also use Wind Wave to push unsuspecting foes away from them if they get too close. They use Cloud Burst once they are slain.

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