Air Elemental Acolyte | Level 8 Soldier

Medium Elemental Humanoid (Air) | 350 XP

Initiative: +8 | Senses: Perception +13 ; Low-light Vision

STR: 14 +2 (+6) DEX: 15 +2 (+6) WIS: 18 +4 (+8)
CON: 15 +2 (+6) INT: 12 +1 (+5) CHA: 15 +2 (+6)
Fortitude: +18 Reflex: +18 Will: +20

HP: 87 | Bloodied: 43

AC: 24

Speed: 6 squares


Shortsword | Melee: Standard; At-will

+15 vs. AC; 1d6+ 3 damage

Wind Wave | Standard; Encounter (Recharge when bloodied) - Thunder

+11 vs. Reflex; Close Burst 4; 2d6+ 4 Thunder damage, and the target is pushed back 3 squares.

Cloud Shield | Minor; Encounter

The Acolyte gains a +2 bonus to all defenses until the end of its next turn.

Combat Advantage

The Acolyte gains a +1 bonus to melee attack rolls against any opponent it has combat advantage over.


Alignment: Unaligned | Languages: Common, Primordial

Skills: Acrobatics: +11 ; Endurance +11 ; Insight +13 ; Perception +13 ; Stealth +13

Equipment: Shortsword, Grassweed Armor (Leather)


Air Elemental Acolytes are simple warriors, expendable sentries with basic commands to guide, attack, and defend.

Tactics: Acolytes tend to use their swords quite a bit, but when faced with multiple enemies, they use their Wind Wave attack to create an opening for them to get out of harm's way and to take the advantage over their opponents. When they are critically wounded, they'll use their Cloud Shield to slightly increase their chances of survival.

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